Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme, Code of Practice: Prevention of Clandestine Entrants

Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme, Code of Practice: Prevention of Clandestine Entrants

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Civil penalty accreditation scheme

1. Introduction

Under the civil penalty legislation, road haulage companies may have to pay fines if they carry clandestine entrants to the United Kingdom in their vehicles. A clandestine entrant is a person who hides in a vehicle as it enters the United Kingdom with the aim of avoiding immigration controls.

Vehicle owners, hirers and drivers can be fined up to £2,000 for each clandestine entrant they carry.

The civil penalty accreditation scheme was set up to reduce the risk of receiving fines by ensuring that companies have effective systems to reduce clandestine entrants.

If you’re a member of the scheme and clandestine entrants are discovered in your vehicles, your company won’t be fined as owner or hirer of the vehicle as long as you’re operating in accordance with the scheme.

2. Eligibility

The scheme is open to road haulage companies of any size or nationality operating between Continental Europe and the United Kingdom.

A company must be able to show that it:

  • has an effective system for preventing clandestine entrants
  • takes reasonable measures to make sure that the system works, eg training and monitoring its drivers

The scheme is voluntary. Companies who don’t apply to join the scheme won’t be disadvantaged and will still be able to avoid fines by operating an effective system.

3. Applying to the scheme

If you think your company has an effective system in place, you can apply to join the civil penalty accreditation scheme by completing the application form.

We’ll assess your system based on the information you provide. We may also need to visit your company to discuss your processes.

If we think your company’s system meets the scheme’s requirements, we’ll write to you to let you know the start date of your accreditation.

We’ll review your accreditation on a regular basis.


Application to join civil penalty accreditation scheme

Form to apply for UK Visas and Immigration's civil penalty accreditation scheme for hauliers.

Use this form if you are a haulage company that has effective systems to prevent people entering the UK illegally by hiding in your vehicles.



Civil penalty accreditation scheme application form - PDF, 113KB, 5 pages

This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology.

4. If your company doesn’t qualify

If your company doesn’t qualify to join the scheme because your system doesn’t meet our requirements, we’ll let you know what you need to do to be compliant. You can’t appeal against our decision but you can submit further evidence at any time.

We can withdraw accreditation and fine your company if clandestine entrants are carried if:

  • we discover that incorrect information has been submitted in your application
  • your system isn’t as effective as when the company joined the scheme

5. If clandestine entrants are discovered in your vehicle

We may need to request evidence from your driver. The scheme doesn’t prevent us from fining drivers if they haven’t operated your system properly. If you employ the driver, your company must pay the fine imposed upon the driver.

Civil penalty code of practice: prevention of clandestine entrants

Code of practice which sets out procedures to be followed by drivers and companies to prevent people using their vehicles to enter the UK illegally.


Issued in accordance with section 33 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, this code of practice sets out guidance for drivers of commercial and private vehicles as well as buses and coaches.

A clandestine entrant is a person who hides in or on a vehicle to avoid going through UK border control.


Civil penalty code of practice for vehicles - PDF, 106KB, 9 pages



This Code of Practice, which is made under section 33 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (the 1999 Act), sets out the measures to be taken and the procedures to be followed by persons operating a system for preventing the carriage of clandestine entrants to the United Kingdom, in respect of vehicles. 
Under section 34(3) of the 1999 Act, where it is alleged a person is liable to a penalty under section 32 of that Act for bringing a clandestine entrant to the United Kingdom it is a defence to show that:

  • he did not know and had no reasonable grounds for suspecting that a clandestine entrant was, or might be, concealed in the transporter;
  • there was an effective system in operation in relation to the transporter to prevent the carriage of clandestine entrants; and
  • on the occasion concerned, the person or persons responsible for operating that system did so properly.

Regard will be had to this Code of Practice in determining whether such a system is effective (section 34(4) of the 1999 Act). 


Part 1

Road Haulage and Other Commercial Vehicles

In Part 1  “ Commercial Vehicle ” means any vehicle excluding buses, coaches, cars, taxis, mobile homes and caravans. “ Vehicle ” refers to the entire vehicle, including any attached trailer(s) and any container carried. It also refers to a detached trailer, in the case of which, any reference to “ driver ”  is to be read as “operator ”. 


1.1 Measures to be taken to secure vehicles against unauthorised entry 

1.1.1 Before final loading takes place, all existing cuts or tears in the outer shell or fabric of the vehicle, which exceed 25 centimetres in length, must be repaired and sealed so as to prevent unauthorised entry. 

1.1.2 If present at the time of final loading, the owner, hirer or driver of the vehicle must check it to ensure that no persons have gained entry and are concealed within. It must then be locked, sealed, or otherwise made secure to prevent unauthorised entry. If not present at the time of final loading the owner, hirer or driver must, where possible, ensure that such checks are conducted at that point by reputable persons and then obtain written confirmation from those persons that these checks were properly conducted and that the vehicle did not contain concealed persons at the time of final loading and securing. 
1.1.3 When the final loading has been completed, the load space must be secured immediately by lock, seal or other security device, which prevents unauthorised entry. 
1.1.4 Tilt cords and straps, where used, must be undamaged, pass through all fastening points, made taut and be secured by lock, seal or other security device. 
1.1.5 There must be no means of entry to the load space, other than via access points which have been secured by lock, tilt cord / strap and seal, or other security device. 
1.1.6 Locks, tilt cords, straps and other devices used to secure the load space must be of robust quality and effective. 
1.1.7 Seals, other than Customs’ seals, must be distinguished by a number from a series which is unique to the owner, hirer or driver. This must be recorded in documentation accompanying the vehicle

1.1.8 Where a sealed container ( except a container sealed by Customs ) is loaded onto a vehicle, the owner, hirer or driver must, where possible, check to ensure that it does not contain unauthorised persons. It must then be resealed and made secure in accordance with the above requirements. These actions and the number of the new seal used must be recorded in documentation accompanying the vehicle.  
1.1.9 The same checking, securing and recording procedure detailed in paragraph 1.1.8 above must be followed where the load space in the vehicle has been opened by the owner, hirer, driver, or any other person before the final checks detailed  in section 1.2 below are carried out. 
1.1.10 Where a new driver becomes responsible for the vehicle en route to the United Kingdom, he should ensure that it does not contain unauthorised persons and that the requirements detailed above have all been met. 
1.1.11 Paragraphs 1.1.1 to 1.1.10 above will not apply in relation to any vehicle, which it is not possible to secure by means of lock, seal or other security device. However, in such circumstances it will be for the owner, hirer or driver concerned to establish alternative arrangements to prevent unauthorised entry ; and to be able to demonstrate that such arrangements have been made and complied with. 


1.2 Measures to be taken immediately prior to the vehicle boarding the ship, aircraft or train to the United Kingdom, or before arrival at the UK immigration control at Coquelles. 

1.2.1 Where used, check tilt cords and straps for evidence of tampering, damage or repair. 
1.2.2 Where used, check that seals, locks or other security devices have not been removed, damaged or replaced. In order to ensure that there has been no substitution, numbers on seals must be checked to confirm that they correspond with those recorded on the documentation accompanying the vehicle. 
1.2.3 Check the outer shell / fabric of the vehicle for signs of damage or unauthorised entry, paying particular attention to the roof, which may be checked from either inside or outside the vehicle. 
1.2.4 Check any external storage compartments, tool boxes, wind deflectors and beneath the vehicle. 
1.2.5 Check inside the vehicle. Effective detection devices may be used for this purpose at the discretion of the owner, hirer or driver, but this will not obviate the requirement that the other checks detailed above be carried out. Where it is not possible to secure a vehicle by means of lock, seal or other security device, a thorough manual check of the load and load space must be conducted. 


1.3 General Principles 

1.3.1 Vehicles should be checked regularly en route to the United Kingdom to ensure that they have not been entered, particularly after stops when left unattended. 
1.3.2 A document detailing the system operated to prevent unauthorised entry must be carried with the vehicle, so that it may be produced immediately to an immigration officer on demand in the event of possible liability to a penalty. 
1.3.3 A report detailing the checks that were carried out must be carried with the vehicle. If possible to arrange, the report should be endorsed by a third party, who has either witnessed or carried out the checks himself by arrangement with the owner, hirer or driver, as the report will then be of greater evidential value. 
1.3.4 Whilst owners, hirers or drivers may contract with other persons to carry out the required checks on their behalf, they will nevertheless remain liable to any penalty incurred in the event of failure to have an effective system in place or to operate it properly on the occasion in question. 
1.3.5 Where the checks conducted suggest that the security of the vehicle may have been breached, or the owner, hirer or driver otherwise has grounds to suspect that unauthorised persons have gained entry to the vehicle, it must not be taken onto the ship, aircraft or train embarking for the United Kingdom, or to the UK immigration control at Coquelles. Any such circumstances must be reported to the police in the country concerned at the earliest opportunity, or at the latest, to the passport control authorities at the port of embarkation. In the event of difficulties arising, owners, hirers or drivers should contact the United Kingdom Immigration Service at the proposed port of arrival for advice.


Part 2 

Buses and Coaches  

In Part 2 reference to “ vehicle ” includes any attached trailer(s). 


2.1 Measures to be taken to secure vehicles against unauthorised entry 

2.1.1 The vehicle and any compartments accessible from the outside must be capable of being made secure with a lock which prevents unauthorised entry. 
2.1.2 The vehicle must be locked when unattended and any compartments ( eg, luggage space ), which are accessible from the outside, must be kept locked when not being accessed. 
2.1.3 The owner, hirer or driver must supervise whenever passengers board or alight from the vehicle and when baggage or belongings are loaded or unloaded, to ensure that unauthorised persons do not use that opportunity to gain entry. 
2.1.4 The owner, hirer or driver must keep a manifest detailing the names of all persons whom he knowingly carries in the vehicle onto the ship, aircraft or train embarking for the United Kingdom, or to the UK immigration control at Coquelles. 


2.2 Measures to be taken immediately prior to the vehicle boarding the ship, aircraft or train to the United Kingdom, or before arrival at the UK immigration control at Coquelles 

2.2.1 All spaces in or on the vehicle, which are capable of containing a person, must be checked before the vehicle is taken on board, or arrives at the immigration control in Coquelles, to ensure that no unauthorised person has gained entry. 
2.2.2 Toilets, luggage space and any space accessible from the outside must then be kept locked until the vehicle passes through UK immigration control. 
2.2.3 Before passing through UK immigration control, a check must be carried out to ensure that all persons shown on the passenger manifest, are accounted for.


2.3 General Principles 

2.3.1 A document detailing the system operated to prevent unauthorised entry must be carried with the vehicle so that it may be produced to an immigration officer on demand in the event of possible liability to a civil penalty. 
2.3.2 A report detailing the checks that were carried out must be kept with the vehicle. If possible to arrange, the report should be endorsed by a third party, who has either witnessed or carried out the checks himself, as the report will then be of greater evidential value. 
2.3.3 Whilst owners, hirers or drivers may contract with other persons to carry out the required checks, they will remain liable to any penalty incurred in the event of failure to have an effective system in place or to operate it properly on the occasion in question. 
2.3.4 Where the checks conducted suggest that the security of the vehicle may have been breached, or that an unauthorised person or persons are on board, the vehicle must not be taken onto the ship, aircraft or train embarking for the United Kingdom, or to the UK immigration control at Coquelles. Any such circumstances must be reported to the police in the country concerned, or at the latest, to the passport authorities at the port of embarkation. In the event of difficulties arising, owners, hirers or drivers may contact the United Kingdom Immigration Service at the proposed port of arrival for advice.


Part 3 

Private Vehicles 

In Part 3 reference to “ private motor vehicle ” or “ vehicle ” means any car, taxi, mobile home or caravan and includes any attached trailer(s). 


3.1 Measures to be taken to secure vehicles against unauthorised entry 

3.1.1 Where possible, all access to the interior or luggage space of the vehicle must be protected by a lock or locks, which prevent unauthorised entry.  
3.1.2 All locks, where fitted, must be engaged whenever the vehicle is left unattended. 
3.1.3 Intruder alarms, where fitted, must be made active whenever the vehicle is left unattended. 


3.2 Measures to be taken immediately prior to boarding the ship, aircraft or train embarking for the United Kingdom, or before arrival at the UK immigration control at Coquelles. 

3.2.1 Check that the security measure detailed in paragraphs 3.1.1 to 3.1.3 above have not been breached, particularly where the vehicle has been left unattended for any period en route to the port of embarkation. 
3.2.2 Check all places in the vehicle that might lend themselves to concealment, such as the boot, attached trailers and where included in the vehicle, all toilets and cupboards. This is particularly important where the vehicle cannot be made secure by a lock or locks. 


3.3 General Principles 

3.3.1 Vehicle keys must be kept securely and should not be passed to persons unknown to the owner, hirer or driver. 

3.3.2 If there is cause to suspect that an unauthorised person or persons may have gained entry to the vehicle, it must not be taken onto the ship, aircraft or train embarking for the United Kingdom, or to the UK immigration control at Coquelles. Any such circumstances must be reported immediately to the police in the country concerned at the earliest opportunity, or at the latest, to the passport control authorities at the port of embarkation. In the event of difficulties arising, owners, hirers or drivers may contact the United Kingdom Immigration Service at the proposed port of arrival for advice. 


Contact details: 

Clandestine Entrants Civil Penalty Team

Home Office

Border Force South East & Europe

2nd Floor, Martello House

Shearway Road

Shearway Business Park

Folkestone, Kent

CT19 4RH

United Kingdom 

T: 00 44 (0)1303 299 298

F: 00 44 (0)1303 299 291

E: [email protected]

More information on how to "Secure your Vehicle to Help Stop Illegal Immigration" is available Here.

Civil penalty accreditation scheme: accredited haulage companies

A list of road haulage companies that are members of a scheme to reduce the risk of illegal migrants hiding in their vehicles.

A list of accredited haulage companies who are members of the clandestine civil penalty accreditation scheme.

The scheme reduces road haulage companies’ risk of receiving fines by making sure that they have effective systems to reduce the risk of illegal migrants hiding in their vehicles.

Updated 12 February 2020

Accredited Companies Scheme number Country
Laser Transport International Ltd CP/AS/16 UK
Ontime Global Automotive Transport Services Ltd CP/AS/17 UK
Online MBT CP/AS/19 UK
Arcese Polska CP/AS/21 Poland
Arcese Slovenska CP/AS/21 Slovenia
Arcese Transport SPA CP/AS/21 Italy
Arcese UK CP/AS/21 UK
GBA Services Ltd CP/AS/22 UK
Mars Lojistik Ulus. Tas. Dep. Dag. Ve Tic A.S. CP/AS/24 Turkey
Geodis UK Ltd CP/AS/25 UK
Peter Dale International (PDI) Ltd T/A Cars in Camera CP/AS/31 UK
Hans Ihro GmbH CP/AS/37 Germany
John Seymour Transport Ltd CP/AS/38 UK
Georgi GmbH & Co. KG Transporte CP/AS/43 Germany
Arthur Welter Transports SARL CP/AS/44 Luxembourg
Eurotransit GmbH CP/AS/45 Germany
Gokbora Uluslararasi Nakliye Ve Ticaret A.S CP/AS/47 Turkey
Delta Trans Logistik Sp zoo CP/AS/49 Poland
Delta Trans Transporte Sp zoo CP/AS/50 Poland
Artful Logistics Ltd T/A Artful Logistics CP/AS/52 UK
Breen International Logistics CP/AS/60 Ireland
Fany TSL Sp zoo CP/AS/62 Poland
Alan Blair & David Blair T/A Blair International CP/AS/64 UK
Polar International Ltd CP/AS/65 UK
Simon Thomas Sargent T/A Sargent Trucking Service CP/AS/66 UK
Cargo Spol s.r.o. CP/AS/67 Czech
Transportes Insausti S.A. CP/AS/70 Spain
Transdonat SA CP/AS/71 Spain
Transavella S.A. CP/AS/74 Spain
Campillo Palmera SA CP/AS/77 Spain
Mundo Logistico SL CP/AS/80 Spain
Unitruc Ltd CP/AS/83 UK
Gregory Distribution (Holdings) Ltd CP/AS/84 UK
Explotaction Intnal de Transportes SA CP/AS/87 Spain
Loditrans SL CP/AS/87 Spain
Trans Juver SL CP/AS/87 Spain
Castiglia Graziano Trasporti CP/AS/89 Italy
Polski Transport Miedzynarodowy PTM sp zoo CP/AS/92 Poland
Emons Cargo B.V CP/AS/93 Netherlands
Emons Logistics s.r.o. CP/AS/93 Czech
2WIN Cargo GmbH CP/AS/93 Germany
Massey Wilcox Transport Ltd CP/AS/94 UK
Assisped spa CP/AS/95 Italy
Pro Trade doo + Assisped spa CP/AS/95 Slovenia
Pro Trade doo Kranj CP/AS/95 Slovenia
Trasporti Sabatini snc CP/AS/101 Italy
SAR Trasporti S.P.A CP/AS/103 Italy
S & K Haulage (Glam) Ltd CP/AS/107 UK
Transportes Campillo S.A CP/AS/113 Spain
OBL Services Limited CP/AS/116 UK
Nagel Danmark A/S CP/AS/117 Denmark
Nagel Transport & Logistik ApS CP/AS/117 Denmark
Translog GmbH CP/AS/117 Germany
Transtar 92 SRL CP/AS/118 Italy
Transpetrol Szpytma sp j CP/AS/120 Poland
PRS Distribution Ltd CP/AS/121 UK
Batim Transport Miedzynarodowy I Spedycja CP/AS/126 Poland
Sibona Pasquale s.n.c. CP/AS/128 Italy
Heisterkamp Transport B.V. CP/AS/130 Netherlands
Heisterkamp Transport B.V.B.A CP/AS/130 Belgium
Heisterkamp Transport GmbH CP/AS/130 Germany
Heisterkamp Transport Latvija SIA CP/AS/130 Latvia
Capitrans SL CP/AS/131 Spain
Transportes Mesguen SA CP/AS/132 France
Hosszu Eurotrans E.C CP/AS/137 Hungary
Vos Logistics Romania Srl CP/AS/138 Romania
Forward Trucking Services Ltd CP/AS/139 UK
Currie European SA CP/AS/140 France
Currie European Transport BV CP/AS/140 Netherlands
Currie European Transport Ltd CP/AS/140 UK
Leatrans Ltd CP/AS/143 Ireland
Kurt Beier Transport A/S CP/AS/145 Denmark
Insight Trans Logistics Ltd CP/AS/146 UK
Miniexpress Internacional Konfection Transport CP/AS/149 Hungary
Redhead Freight Ltd CP/AS/151 UK
Kottmeyer GmbH & Co KG CP/AS/152 Germany
Sovereign Network GmbH CP/AS/155 Germany
Carn Autos Ltd T/A Swains of Stretton CP/AS/158 UK
Boyle Transport (NI) Ltd CP/AS/162 UK
Gondrand Valence CP/AS/164 France
Transportes Machado & Brites LDA CP/AS/165 Portugal
Ruane Transport Services Ltd CP/AS/177 UK
CORA Trans SRO CP/AS/178 Slovakia
Isaac Pedroso Trasportes de Mercadorias LDA CP/AS/180 Portugal
Ronix Trans KFT CP/AS/189 Hungary
Corridori Logistica Aeroportuale s.r.l. CP/AS/194 Italy
Internationaal Transportbedrijf Van Ewijk b.v CP/AS/199 Netherlands
Hambledon Haulage CP/AS/200 UK
Warisa Distribution Services Ltd CP/AS/202 UK
Eurotrans Gebr. Schutte KG CP/AS/204 Germany
Cadogan Tate Group Ltd CP/AS/214 UK
Kanizsa Sprint Kft CP/AS/216 Hungary
Parme Trans OU CP/AS/217 Estonia
Colm O’Meara Transport Ltd CP/AS/220 Ireland
Huisman Group B.V CP/AS/221 Netherlands
RJ Jones Group Ltd CP/AS/222 UK
Active Transport Ltd CP/AS/223 UK
Knights of Old Ltd CP/AS/225 UK
Ulma Trans Marian Michalski Pawel Michalski Spolka Jawna CP/AS/226 Poland
Virginia Transport Ltd CP/AS/231 Ireland
Diplkfm. Gunther Konig Transport GmbH CP/AS/235 Austria
Konig KFT CP/AS/235 Hungary
Stagetruck Ltd CP/AS/236 UK
Fiolet Et Fils Sarl Etablissements JC CP/AS/239 France
Roselyn Coaches CP/AS/242 UK
Jumbocruiser Ltd CP/AS/243 UK
Petrans d.o.o. CP/AS/246 Slovenia
MACSPED Spolka z o.o Spolka Komandytowa CP/AS/248 Poland
O’Leary International CP/AS/249 Ireland
Oli Logistics Spolka z o.o. CP/AS/249 Poland
Brian Yeardley Continental Ltd CP/AS/253 UK
Nakladna Automobilova Doprava Nitra a.s. NAD Nitra a.s. CP/AS/254 Slovakia
Nitra AS CP/AS/254 Slovakia
Koma Spolka Jawna CP/AS/258 Poland
Bundersek Transport d.o.o. CP/AS/262 Slovenia
Mestrans d.o.o. CP/AS/262 Slovenia
Ulma Trans II CP/AS/264 Poland
Kersey Freight Ltd CP/AS/268 UK
John Popat Transport CP/AS/270 UK
Alcaline UK CP/AS/271 UK
UAB Iksija CP/AS/273 Lithuania
Alcaline B.V CP/AS/274 Netherlands
UAB Kelukis CP/AS/275 Lithuania
MDF (GT Yarmouth) ltd CP/AS/279 UK
Martin Dingwall International Transport CP/AS/281 UK
PTS TKS-Trans Sp. z o.o. CP/AS/284 Poland
Abels Moving Services Ltd CP/AS/286 UK
DST sro CP/AS/288 Czech
PUH Export Import Adam Lipinski - Lipniski Transport CP/AS/289 Poland
Manti Int.d.o.o CP/AS/291 Slovenia
Hadvicak SRO CP/AS/292 Slovakia
Die A Ebner-Internationale Transporte GmbH CP/AS/294 Austria
Ebner Hungaria KFT CP/AS/294 Hungary
J & J Bannister (Evesham) Ltd CP/AS/295 UK
Slezak Ivan s.r.o. CP/AS/299 Slovakia
Topp d.o.o. CP/AS/300 Slovenia
All Road International GmbH CP/AS/316 Germany
Vicarli S.A. CP/AS/318 Spain
Alberton Edoardo Auto trasporti CP/AS/321 Italy
Marvi Logistic SRL CP/AS/323 Romania
UAB Kubas CP/AS/325 Lithuania
Ritchie Transport Ltd CP/AS/328 UK
Mega Express Sp z o.o. CP/AS/329 Poland
Hudos SRO CP/AS/330 Slovakia
Eliton Trans SRL CP/AS/332 Romania
Hnos Laredo CP/AS/333 Spain
Stenka Transport SC CP/AS/334 Poland
Mason Bros Transport Ltd CP/AS/336 UK
S&J Pierce Transport CP/AS/338 UK
H & R Carriers Ltd CP/AS/340 UK
Rotra Forwarding (NV) CP/AS/341 Belgium
Haygrove Ltd CP/AS/344 UK
Jayhawk Ltd T/A Jayhawk Fine Art Transportation CP/AS/345 UK
Regesta Spolka Akcyjna CP/AS/347 Poland
Nordfrost Gmbh & Co CP/AS/348 Germany
Nera Horovice s.r.o. CP/AS/350 Czech
Jaroslaw Repinski Repinski Transport CP/AS/353 Poland
Zaklad Robot Ogolnobudowlanych Stanislaw Repinski CP/AS/354 Poland
Alexandra Group SRL CP/AS/359 Italy
Torello Trasporti SRL CP/AS/362 Italy
In time express Logistik GmbH CP/AS/365 Germany
In Time Thermo Sprint GmbH CP/AS/365 Germany
Transportes Rodoviarios De Mercadorias Do Valado Lda CP/AS/366 Portugal
Jeavons Eurotir Ltd CP/AS/368 UK
A W Jenkinson Transport Ltd CP/AS/369 UK
A B Texel Ltd CP/AS/371 UK
Fly By Nite Conferences Ltd CP/AS/372 UK
Magdalena Bar - Magpol CP/AS/374 Poland
Agency Transport s.r.o. CP/AS/375 Czech
Orkun Ulus Nakilyat Thract CP/AS/376 Turkey
S.C M-System SRL CP/AS/377 Romania
NordSud Cargo GmbH CP/AS/380 Germany
NordSud Czech s.r.o. CP/AS/380 Czech
NordSud Slovakia s.r.o. CP/AS/380 Slovakia
HZ Transport Poland Sp. z o.o. CP/AS/381 Poland
Kulton Transport Sp zoo Sp k CP/AS/382 Poland
Matthews International Transport Ltd CP/AS/384 UK
SC European Logistics srl CP/AS/385 Romania
Damian Swierc Stolldrew Zaklad Produkcyjno Uslugowo Handlowy CP/AS/386 Poland
Delahaye Moving CP/AS/389 UK
HS Line s.r.o. CP/AS/392 Czech
Merlin Entertainments Developments CP/AS/393 UK
Van Huet Glastransport B.V CP/AS/395 Netherlands
Van Huet Glastransport Polska s.p z o.o. CP/AS/395 Poland
Van Huet Teplice s.r.o. CP/AS/395 Czech
Van Huet Trucking GmbH CP/AS/395 Germany
Movecorp Ltd CP/AS/398 UK
UAB Croome International Transport CP/AS/399 Lithuania
Norbert Myzia NOR-AD CP/AS/401 Poland
Mat Inter M.E. Zuberek Sp. J CP/AS/402 Poland
Britannia Logistics Sp z.o.o CP/AS/403 Poland
Dite Spedition sro CP/AS/404 Czech
Samuel Amsler AG CP/AS/405 Switzerland
Noprosu s.r.o. CP/AS/406 Czech
O.K. Trans Praha spol. s.r.o. CP/AS/407 Czech
Huber Sp Zoo Sp K CP/AS/409 Poland
Giraud SRL CP/AS/410 Romania
Corsi France International Transport SAS CP/AS/417 France
Eurovision Logistics Ltd CP/AS/420 UK
Kings Ferry Ltd (The) CP/AS/422 UK
Wheels Logistics GmbH & Co. Kg CP/AS/423 Germany
Maurice Ward Logistics s.r.o. CP/AS/424 Czech
Continental Express Transport Ltd CP/AS/426 UK
BT Transport sro CP/AS/427 SVK
Bott Ltd CP/AS/428 UK
Suditrans SL CP/AS/429 Spain
A & C International Road Cargo SRL CP/AS/430 Romania
Secnik Transport d.o.o. CP/AS/432 Slovenia
Torelli Ivano di Bernardini Mirco E Bonucchi Andrea SNC CP/AS/433 Italy
McLaren Racing Ltd CP/AS/436 UK
Trans Petro Color Sp. z o.o. CP/AS/439 Poland
Bukowscy Sp. Z o.o. CP/AS/440 Poland
Lannutti Czech s.r.o. CP/AS/442 Czech
Mega Trucking Bohemia Spol s.r.o. CP/AS/443 Czech
Mega Trucking Slovakia s.r.o. CP/AS/444 Slovakia
Ewals Cargo Care Transport B.V CP/AS/445 Netherlands
Transportes Central Pombalense LDA CP/AS/446 Portugal
Bernadetta Wojcik CP/AS/448 Poland
L-Tranzit Impex SRL CP/AS/449 Romania
AS Linford CP/AS/450 Estonia
H Essers SRL CP/AS/452 Romania
H Essers Transport Company EOOD CP/AS/452 Bulgarian
H Essers Transport Company Nederland BV CP/AS/452 Netherlands
H Essers Transport Company NV CP/AS/452 Belgium
H Essers Transport Company Poland Sp z o.o. CP/AS/452 Poland
Caty Trans International Sped SRL CP/AS/454 Romania
Internationaal Transportbedrijf A.L Langen B.V CP/AS/455 Netherlands
Radek Safranek CP/AS/456 Czech
Ihro Transport & Logistik s.r.o. CP/AS/457 Czech
E M Rogers (Transport) B.V CP/AS/459 Netherlands
E M Rogers (Transport) Ltd CP/AS/459 UK
Spedycja Botrans Sp zoo CP/AS/460 Poland
Szaki Trans Kft CP/AS/463 Hungary
Topnad a.s. CP/AS/465 Slovakia
Pawel Kluczyk-Kluczyk Transport Service Pawel Kluczyk CP/AS/466 Poland
JJXPRESS Ltd T/A JJX Logistics CP/AS/468 UK
Port Logics Cargo and Container Sp. z o.o. CP/AS/469 Poland
Alta Trans Transport Spedycja Logistyka Wojcik Sp. Jawna CP/AS/470 Poland
Karzol Trans KFT CP/AS/471 Hungary
The Special Carrier Limited CP/AS/472 UK
Trans Europe Express BVBA CP/AS/473 Belgium
Transport I Spedycja Tahpol Trans CP/AS/474 Poland
Needham Haulage Limited CP/AS/475 Ireland
HZ Service V.O.S CP/AS/477 Czech
Sebastian Romaniak PPHU Transad Sebastian Romaniak CP/AS/479 Poland
XPO Last Mile France CP/AS/481 France
XPO Transport Solutions Portugal LDA CP/AS/483 Portugal
XPO Transport Solutions Luxembourg S. A. CP/AS/485 Luxembourg
XPO Distribution Europe France CP/AS/486 France
XPO Volume Sud France CP/AS/487 France
XPO Transport Solutions Est France CP/AS/488 France
Bart’s Logistics BVBA CP/AS/489 Belgium
XPO Volume Nord France CP/AS/491 France
XPO Transport Solutions Rhone-Alpes France CP/AS/492 France
XPO Transport Solutions Sud Ouest France CP/AS/493 France
XPO Transport Solutions Ile De France CP/AS/494 France
XPO Transport Frigo France CP/AS/495 France
XPO Transport Solutions Champagne France CP/AS/496 France
XPO Distribution France CP/AS/497 France
Transportes Campos De Caravaca SLU CP/AS/498 Spain
Global Project Sped KFT CP/AS/500 Hungary
XPO Key PL Europe CP/AS/501 France
XPO Transport Solutions Ouest France CP/AS/502 France
XPO Transport Solutions Spain S.L. CP/AS/503 France
XPO Volume Ouest France CP/AS/504 France
XPO Transport Solutions Auvergne France CP/AS/505 France
XPO Vrac France CP/AS/506 France
XPO Transport Solutions Centre France CP/AS/507 France
XPO Transport Solutions Sud France CP/AS/508 France
XPO Transport Solutions Limousin France CP/AS/509 France
Linda & Co. d.o.o. CP/AS/511 Slovenia
Anna Rataj Uslugi Transportowe Anna Rataj CP/AS/512 Poland
Europea De Comercio Agricola XXI S.A. CP/AS/513 Spain
Buzzlines Travel Ltd CP/AS/514 UK
XPO Transport Solutions Poland CP/AS/515 Poland
Transcondor SA CP/AS/516 Romania
XPO Transport Solutions Romania Srl CP/AS/516 Romania
HR Polska Sp. z o.o. CP/AS/518 Poland
Clan International Transport Services Ltd CP/AS/520 UK
Slaskie Centrum Logistyki Spolka Akcyjna CP/AS/521 Poland
Senco Logistics Ltd CP/AS/525 UK
Tomasz Opas Uslugi Transportowe CP/AS/527 Poland
Oprean SRL CP/AS/528 Romania
Zet Transport Sp. z o.o. CP/AS/529 Poland
Milan Kocis CP/AS/531 Slovakia
A T Trota SA CP/AS/532 Spain
Aztek Logistics Ltd CP/AS/534 UK
Transportes Carlos S.L CP/AS/537 Spain
Freight Transport Ltd CP/AS/538 UK
Denby Transport Ltd CP/AS/539 UK
Cargo Go UAB CP/AS/540 Lithuania
Go Group UAB CP/AS/540 Lithuania
Reining Transport GmbH CP/AS/541 Germany
Reining Transport BV CP/AS/542 Netherlands
Reining Transport Kft CP/AS/543 Hungary
Miroslav Mynar CP/AS/544 Czech
Kevin Oliver Quinn T/A Quinns Coach Hire CP/AS/545 UK
A. Visbeen en Zonen BV hon Transportbedrijf CP/AS/546 Netherlands
Wallenborn Transports S.A. CP/AS/548 Luxembourg
Hartl Carriers SRL CP/AS/549 Romania
Trans Mayfa S.L. CP/AS/551 Spain
AS Olbtar CP/AS/553 Estonia
Geodis Trans Slovakia sro CP/AS/554 Slovakia
SIA Rextar Logistic CP/AS/555 Latvia
Pamtrans Henryk Krzyzanowski CP/AS/556 Poland
Mario Trans A. IM. Kobylinscy Spolka Jawna CP/AS/557 Poland
Inter Star Liberec s.r.o. CP/AS/559 Czech
Zdemar Transport A.S. CP/AS/560 Czech
Trota Romania SRL CP/AS/564 Romania
Langen Logistics Iberica SL CP/AS/565 Spain
Stockages De Metz CP/AS/566 France
TSS Truck Service Selfkant CP/AS/567 Germany
NT Transport D.O.O. CP/AS/569 Slovenia
FH Logistic spol. s.r.o. CP/AS/570 Czech
Duwensee Spedtion & Lagerhaus GmbH CP/AS/574 Germany
Donek N Spol sro CP/AS/576 Czech
LogPark a.s. CP/AS/577 Slovakia
Sechelaru Expeditii srl CP/AS/578 Romania
Oliver Cargo Logistik SRL CP/AS/579 Romania
Carpentier SAS Transports CP/AS/581 France
Mammoet Ferry Transport BV CP/AS/582 Netherlands
Kim Johansen International Transport A/S CP/AS/584 Denmark
Kim Johansen Transport Poland Spolka z o.o. CP/AS/584 Poland
Kim Johansen Transports CP/AS/584 France
Iprus Ltd CP/AS/586 Russia
Saelens Intertransport NV CP/AS/586 Belgium
Sitra (UK) Ltd CP/AS/586 UK
Sitra France CP/AS/586 France
Sitra Nederland B.V CP/AS/586 Netherlands
Sitra Polska Sp. z o.o. CP/AS/586 Poland
Sitra SRL CP/AS/586 Italy
Trapol Sp. z o.o. CP/AS/586 Poland
UAB Sitra LT CP/AS/586 Lithuania
Kuypers Cargo Service B.V CP/AS/588 Netherlands
Stagefreight Ltd CP/AS/589 UK
Eurospeed Ltd CP/AS/590 Bulgaria
Francis Transport Ltd CP/AS/591 UK
A.C.S.L. s.r.o. CP/AS/592 Czech
Kingbrook Ltd CP/AS/593 UK
Tarrant International CP/AS/594 Ireland
Mega Trucking Timisoara SRL CP/AS/595 Romania
Kinser Logistic KFT CP/AS/596 Hungary
Chaminade Limited CP/AS/597 Ireland
3 Gid Comprod SRL CP/AS/598 Romania
Zemlja Trans DOO CP/AS/599 Bosnia
Art Logistics Ltd CP/AS/600 UK
T Bourne & Son Ltd T/A Bournes CP/AS/601 UK
ANG Logistic SRL CP/AS/602 Romania
Promax Cargo Kft CP/AS/603 Hungary
Transterra Polska Sp z o.o. CP/AS/604 Poland
Rainthorpe Transport Ltd CP/AS/607 UK
Bulk Logistic Solutions CP/AS/608 UK
Liscon Transport Ltd CP/AS/608 Ireland
Transport Van Praet BVBA CP/AS/609 Belgium
Bulk Logistic Solutions CP/AS/611 UK
The French Garden Ltd CP/AS/614 UK
Sealane Freight Ltd CP/AS/615 UK
Vietor s.r.o. CP/AS/619 Slovakia
Cappio Trasporti e Logistica srl CP/AS/620 Italy
Alkatrans DOO CP/AS/623 Slovenia
H Appleyard & Sons Ltd T/A Britannia Appleyards CP/AS/625 UK
Retrans T. Baran M. Kapcia Spolka Jawna CP/AS/626 Poland
Keith Elkington Transport Ltd CP/AS/627 UK
Grupa Euro Mix Sp zoo CP/AS/628 Poland
West Trans Sp. z o.o. CP/AS/629 Poland
Michael D McLuskey T/A Mike McLuskey & Sons CP/AS/631 UK
Polygon International Vehicle Transportation Ltd CP/AS/632 UK
UAB Transalda CP/AS/633 Lithuania
Baltic Trans Sp zoo CP/AS/634 Poland
Baltic Trucking Sp zoo CP/AS/634 Poland
Bratislava Equipment CP/AS/634 Slovakia
DD Trans NV CP/AS/634 Belgium
ECS Technics (BVBA) CP/AS/634 Belgium
Eddie Stobart Limited CP/AS/635 UK
Armishaws Removals Ltd CP/AS/638 UK
Mainfreight Poland Sp zoo CP/AS/640 Poland
Wim Bosman Expeditie (NV) CP/AS/640 Belgium
Wim Bosman SRL CP/AS/640 Romania
Wim Bosman Transport BV CP/AS/640 Netherlands
Fercam Slovakia sro CP/AS/643 Slovakia
Agnieszka Lisowiec FHU Euro-Max Agnieszka Lisowiec CP/AS/645 Poland
DG McArdle International Ltd CP/AS/647 IRL
Mezo Team Kft CP/AS/649 Hungary
Drumur Transport Ltd CP/AS/650 Ireland
Krzysztof Nosal PPHU KK Trans Kraj Krzysztof Nosal CP/AS/651 Poland
AK Trans CP/AS/652 Czech
PE Krekhovetskyy BV CP/AS/653 Ukraine
TTES Argos SL CP/AS/654 Spain
A Jankeviciaus Individuali Imone CP/AS/655 Lithuania
Traction Service Nord Sarl CP/AS/657 France
Europe Transports Services Sarl CP/AS/659 France
Tansey Transport Ltd CP/AS/660 Ireland
Tudefrigo SL CP/AS/663 Spain
Ballinalard Logistics Ltd CP/AS/664 Ireland
Grupo Transonuba SL CP/AS/665 Spain
Onucargo SL CP/AS/665 Spain
Onutrans SL CP/AS/665 Spain
Sabetrans SL CP/AS/665 Spain
Thermotraffic GmbH Internationale Kuhlspedition CP/AS/666 Germany
UAB Kurt Beier Transport CP/AS/667 Lithuania
HBT Internationale Transporte Sp. Z.o.o CP/AS/668 Poland
GBT Logistic Srl CP/AS/669 Romania
Virginia Transport (UK) Ltd CP/AS/672 UK
Channelfret International SA CP/AS/674 France
Whites Transport Services Ltd CP/AS/675 UK
Cargo Expert Sp zoo Sp CP/AS/677 Poland
E H Nicholls Jnr Ltd CP/AS/678 UK
Eurocruz SL CP/AS/679 Spain
Stoytcho Ivanov Chopov SL CP/AS/681 Spain
Monika Jakimiuk PHU MTS CP/AS/682 Poland
Bul Freight Ltd CP/AS/683 Bulgaria
SC Euro Hightrans SRL CP/AS/687 Romania
John Goodwin t/a D J Goodwin Transport CP/AS/688 UK
Citronex Trans Logistic Sp zoo CP/AS/690 Poland
BD Logistics Ltd CP/AS/693 Ireland
Victor Brennan Transport Ltd CP/AS/693 Ireland
Pieter Smit Theater Rock CP/AS/695 Netherlands
Lannutti Espana CP/AS/696 Spain
Lannutti SPA CP/AS/696 Italy
Post Kogeko Logistics BV CP/AS/697 Netherlands
Ste D’Exploitation Des Transports L’Herrou CP/AS/698 France
Edenburg Ltd CP/AS/699 Ireland
DJT Trans sro CP/AS/702 Slovakia
Tomasz Waclawczyk PPUH Transtom CP/AS/703 Poland
Platinum European Ltd CP/AS/705 UK
Brites & Brites Transportes De Aluguer Unipessoal LDA CP/AS/707 Portugal
Boekestijn Transport Sp z.o.o CP/AS/710 Poland
Marsh International Moving Ltd CP/AS/712 UK
SAS Transports Landais Jean Luc Et Fils CP/AS/713 France
DAO Trans sro CP/AS/714 Slovakia
Titrans Tibor Ballabas sro CP/AS/715 Slovakia
Pamatrans Sp J CP/AS/716 Poland
Mark Keith Casterton CP/AS/718 UK
Stop Trans Sociedada De Transportes Do Oeste CP/AS/719 Portugal
Eurogroup International Movers Ltd CP/AS/720 UK
Clark & Rose (Removasl) Ltd CP/AS/721 UK
GB Liners Ltd CP/AS/721 UK
Greens Removals & Storage Ltd CP/AS/722 UK
Wyards Removals Ltd CP/AS/722 UK
Simpsons Removals & Storage Ltd CP/AS/723 UK
Marti Grayling SL CP/AS/724 Spain
D & C Logistics CP/AS/725 UK
FF & P Walker Ltd CP/AS/728 UK
Jamie Briggs Removals & Storage Ltd CP/AS/729 UK
Albert Schuck GmbH & Co. KG CP/AS/731 Germany
Discordia Ltd CP/AS/734 Bulgaria
Discordia PLC CP/AS/734 Bulgaria
Delpa Logistica Europa SL CP/AS/735 Spain
Nomad International Limited CP/AS/739 UK
UAB Ergela CP/AS/740 Lithuania
Vectura OU CP/AS/741 Estonia
Grecowood Ltd CP/AS/742 Ireland
GJS Services Ltd CP/AS/744 UK
Lanes Storage & Removals Ltd CP/AS/745 UK
Mariusz Krzywda Mariotrans CP/AS/746 Poland
Transportes Navanor CP/AS/747 Spain
E Pearson & Sons (Teesside) Ltd CP/AS/749 UK
Fox Moving and Storage Ltd CP/AS/751 UK
The Quality Moving Group Ltd t/a Fleet Removals & Storage G CP/AS/752 UK
Prima 91 Zhelyazko Pankov ET CP/AS/754 Bulgaria
La Log d.o.o. CP/AS/756 Croatia
Guy Shalto Luard & Lynda Sharron Luard T/A Goodmove Removals & Storage CP/AS/757 UK
White & Co PLC CP/AS/757 UK
Dosema Transport Spolka z o.o. CP/AS/758 Poland
Autotrasporti Rattenni SRL CP/AS/759 Italy
Sawyers Transport Ltd CP/AS/760 UK
Woolsey Freight Ltd CP/AS/760 UK
PJ &J Dearden (Chard) Ltd CP/AS/761 UK
Coatransporti d.o.o. CP/AS/762 Slovenia
L.I.T Cargo GmbH CP/AS/765 Germany
SLN Systemlogistik Norden GmbH & Co. KG CP/AS/766 Germany
D.G. Light Haulage Ltd CP/AS767 UK
UPS Transport Spedition CP/AS/770 Poland
UAB SM Logistic CP/AS/771 Lithuania
Spoldzielnia Transportu Wiejskiego CP/AS/773 Poland
Transportes Fraterno E Hijos S.L CP/AS/776 Spain
Transportes Vila Y Fayos SL CP/AS/777 Spain
Euroway SRO CP/AS/785 Slovakia
Motorland Tranzit CP/AS/787 Belarus
F & N Worldwide Logistics Ltd CP/AS/788 UK
Paul Schockemohle Logistics Polska Sp z o.o. CP/AS/790 Poland
Logistical Support Services Ltd CP/AS/791 UK
Masons Moving Group Ltd CP/AS/792 UK
Cowan Recovery Ltd CP/AS/796 UK
Ballards Removals Ltd CP/AS/797 UK
Fraioli Trasporti Srl CP/AS/798 Italy
Frigosped GMBHnationale Spedition CP/AS/799 German
Ireneusz Czajkowski CP/AS/801 Poland
Edenmill Ltd CP/AS/802 Ireland
Cargo Expert Group Spolka z o.o. CP/AS/803 Poland
Clover Trans Ltd CP/AS/804 Bulgaria
Gerald International Freight Services Ltd CP/AS/806 UK
Brian Caffrey International Limited CP/AS/808 Ireland
SC Timisoara Logistic Solutions Srl CP/AS/809 Romania
Nightingale Removals & Storage Ltd CP/AS/810 UK
Red Bull Racing Ltd CP/AS/811 UK
Route Destination Voyages SARL CP/AS/813 France
Prevoznistvo Daniel Fijavz sp CP/AS/815 Slovenia
Ekofrost Spolka z o.o. CP/AS/816 Poland
Smart Spolka z o.o. CP/AS/816 Poland
Ju-Mar Jerzy Rzepa Marta Rzepa Sp J. CP/AS/818 Poland
BSS Transport DOO CP/AS/820 Bosnia
Intercombi Transport & Logistics AS CP/AS/822 Turkey
Trawoeger Transport GmbH CP/AS/823 Austria
Invest Consult-07 Ltd CP/AS/824 Bulgaria
Aquila Part Prod Com Srl CP/AS/826 Romania
PHU Rawa Sp J CP/AS/827 Poland
Global Freight System Srl CP/AS/828 Romania
Ravitex SRL CP/AS/831 Romania
Andrew John Hill CP/AS/833 UK
Gosped Adamscy Sp J CP/AS/836 Poland
Bipmobile SRL CP/AS/838 Romania
Clandale Ltd CP/AS/839 Ireland
Atruck Logistics AS CP/AS/840 Czech Republic
Peter Green Chilled CP/AS/841 UK
UAB Suridas CP/AS/845 Lithuania
Oakland Invicta Ltd CP/AS/847 UK
Interoil Trans KFT CP/AS/850 Hungary
BOVO Tours BV CP/AS/852 Netherlands
Nieuwland Reizen CP/AS/853 Netherlands
Ermo doo CP/AS/863 Slovenia
Dostawca Trans SP.J CP/AS/864 Poland
O’Neill’s International Transport CP/AS/872 UK
Ebrex Transport Sp ZOO CP/AS/873 Poland
M-Tra-Log GmbH CP/AS/874 Germany
NT Logisika DOO CP/AS/879 Slovenia
Heritage International Transport Lyd CP/AS/880 UK
TMB Michal Owczarek CP/AS/884 Poland
OLI Logistics Sp Zoo CP/AS/885 Poland
Riva Trans CP/AS/886 Romania
SC Agemix Spedition CP/AS/891 Romania
Transportes Orlando Ferreira LDA CP/AS/892 Portugal
Transportes broliveira LDA CP/AS/894 Portugal
Eljot Sp.Zoo CP/AS/895 Poland
DJ Coaches Limited CP/AS/897 UK
WOL Logistics Spolka Z Organiczona CP/AS899 Ireland
Transportes Orlando Ferreira LDA CP/AS/901 Portugal
Transportes Anjofer LDA CP/AS/902 Portugal
Kambar Projekt CP/AS/904 Poland
Botrans Sp zoo CP/AS/911 Poland
HR Transportes CP/AS/919 Portugal
Golcz & Synowie SP.Zoo S.P.K CP/AS/924 Poland
Kofor S.R.L CP/AS/929 Romania
Thasi Ltd T/A The British Shop CP/AS/948 UK
Sped Car TSM Sp Zoo CP/AS/949 Poland
Scotlee Transport Services Ltd. CP/AS/957 UK
SDM International Limited CP/AS/961 UK
Int Logistics UK Ltd CP/AS/962 UK
Dextra Group Plc CP/AS/963 UK
Johnsosn Coaches Henley (Ltd) CP/AS/964 UK
Kings Heavy Haulage (Bristol) Ltd CP/AS/965 UK
Agencja Reklamowo Porzadkowa Beskidzka Koniczynka CP/AS/968 Poland
Charles Russell Transport UK CP/AS/1003 UK
Charles Russell Transport LTD UK CP/AS/1004 UK
Bohmeia Wheels CP/AS/1021 Czech Republic
Wojciech Transpetrol Sploka Zoo CP/AS/1030 Poland
UAB Termolita CP/AS/1034 Lithuania
UAB Trasis CP/AS/1035 Lithuania
UAB Girtrans CP/AS/1039 Lithuania
Codognotto Polska sp zoo CP/AS/676 Poland
Sabetrans SL CP/AS/979 Spain
Vita Trans Group EOOD CP/AS/2012 Bulgaria
Transportes Cruz S.L CP/AS/21018 Spain
Hartl Carriers SRL CPAS/549 Romania
Lyons European Ltd CPAS/916 Northern Ireland
McKeegan International Limited CP/AS/876 UK


Source: Border ForceUK Visas and Immigration

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