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Tyler Goodjohn Vs Marc Navarro Pro Bare Knuckle Boxing BKB15 O2 Arena

HGV Alliance were proud to be able to sponsor Tyler (El Tornado) Goodjohn, a Bare Knuckle Boxer, from Ely, Cambridgeshire, representing the Fen Army.

Tyler is 27 years old, weighed in at 11st 5 and is 5ft 9". He and had a BKB record of no losses. He is an ex pro glove English champion and his name is already well known.

Tyler was against 32 year old Marc Navarro, 5ft 9", an ex pro kickboxer from Dundee, also having a BKB record of no losses.

The fight was set at five 2 minute rounds and what a fight it was! After amazingly quick hands and digs, brilliant weaving Tyler kept his no loss record and won the fight!


Congrats Tyler, we can't wait to see your next BKB fight and wish you all the best. You're a warrior

Tyler vs Marc fight video link here

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