Information for drivers with diabetes

Information for drivers with diabetes

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Guidance: Information for drivers with diabetes
Further information on what drivers with different types of diabetes need to tell DVLA by law.



These leaflets provide guidance on what you need to tell DVLA if you’re a driver with diabetes.



A guide to insulin treated diabetes and driving (INF294)

Ref: INF294PDF, 212KB, 6 pages


Information for drivers with diabetes treated by non-insulin medication, diet, or both (INF188/2)

Ref: INF188/2PDF, 200KB, 1 page


Lorry and bus drivers with diabetes treated by diet alone (INF188/5)

Ref: INF188/5PDF, 195KB, 1 page


A guide for drivers with insulin treated diabetes who wish to apply for bus and lorry entitlement (INS186)

Ref: INS186PDF, 230KB, 6 pages

From: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Published: 1 May 2013

Last updated: 9 June 2021


Updated INF188/5 PDF.


Update to Welsh PDF


PDF update for INS186


Updated INF294W


PDF updated.


Added Welsh version of INF294W


PDF updates


Added INF188/5W Welsh document


INF188/2W updated.


INF294 leaflet added.


PDF updated


INF188/5 updated.


INS186 PDF updated.


INS186 PDF leaflet updated.


Update to information leaflet INF188/2.


New version of INF188/2 information leaflet added.


Added INS186W


New version of the INS186 published.


First published.

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