Sending your forms to Companies House during the coronavirus outbreak

Sending your forms to Companies House during the coronavirus outbreak

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As an emergency response to coronavirus (COVID-19), we've developed a temporary online service to upload a number of completed forms and send them to Companies House digitally.

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Online service: Upload a document to Companies House


About the upload service



Upload service roadmap





At Companies House, our priority is to protect the welfare of our employees during the coronavirus outbreak. We may not be able to process paper documents as quickly as we have done previously.

As part of our response to coronavirus, we’re currently working new ways to allow our users to file documents with us. We’ve introduced a temporary service to Upload a document to Companies House during the coronavirus outbreak.

Read the guidance to find out which documents you can upload using our upload service.

We’re continually working to improve the service. As this service is updated, it will include more document types and features such as acknowledgments and payments.


This service will not be available for Companies House documents you can already send to us online.


You must use our existing online services to:

Published 9 June 2020
Last updated 6 July 2020



The latest release of the Upload a document service is now live. It will allow users to upload more form types, including Scottish limited and qualifying partnerships, articles and resolutions.


Our latest release of the service allows users to upload their change of constitution forms.


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