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Accounting scam aimed at professional drivers

HGV Alliance were approached by a man that claimed he and his boss were impressed with our ideologies and wanted to help make the driving industry better for drivers. These men were involved with Drivers, Pilots, Nurses and Doctors, Teachers, to name a few fields. They have a facebook group stating similar and wanted to work with us and also The Drivers Fund to help Drivers.

After a quick search on Companies House, Suite Endole and a bit of googling, it became clear that these men were con men and had already scammed thousands of drivers out of thousands of pounds each through an accounting company that had been under numerous company names and HMRC were already involved, along with numerous court cases under their belt. Yet, they were still active in their scams and were after our connections to drivers, some of which were contacted via The Drivers Fund by these men during our investigation process, and they were targeting the drivers that were making high contributions to the Fund.

HGV Alliance and The Drivers Fund teamed together to try and stop any more drivers from being affected by these men and wanted to ensure each driver out there knew about these men so they don't end up in the same position as so many people already.

After a lot of digging and finding trails into many many industries and after Jacky from The Drivers Fund spoke to some of the affected drivers, BBC1 Inside Out were contacted, after we learned there had already been an investigating programme released on these men the previous year. This led to us filming the following (please note, the picture of this man in the programme is not accurate as he now looks rather different, if indeed the picture is even of him)

Link to BBC1 Inside Out Programme 


We would like to make it very clear that these men do not, have not and never will act in any capacity for HGV Alliance UK Ltd.


Our thoughts are with the families still struggling with the debt for this mans life style.

Please be very careful with anyone approaching you with deals that seem too good to be true, check out their details and keep an eye out for these men.

If you think you may have been approached by these men, the police are already aware of the situation, please contact them with any information you have.

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