Enforcement of Operation Brock: guide for drivers of cross-Channel heavy goods vehicles (HGVs)

Enforcement of Operation Brock: guide for drivers of cross-Channel heavy goods vehicles (HGVs)

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Information for HGV drivers on routes, restrictions and possible fines in place during Operation Brock.

Read this before driving a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) from the United Kingdom to continental Europe via Eurotunnel or the Port of Dover. Follow this guide to avoid fines and delays.

Operation Brock

Operation Brock keeps the M20 open and helps you get to your destination. It uses holding areas in Kent to control HGVs (goods vehicles with an operating weight of more than 7.5 tonnes) approaching Eurotunnel and the Port of Dover during periods of disruption to cross-Channel travel.

The main holding areas are the M20 (junctions 8 to 9, coastbound), Manston Airport and the M26.

Find out if Operation Brock is currently active

What you must do during Operation Brock

When Operation Brock is active, you will be told where to go by:

  • road signs both before you reach Kent and throughout Kent - do not use sat navs or other guidance devices
  • police and traffic officers on roads in Kent

Approved Operation Brock routes are shown on this map. You must stay on the approved routes.

Map of approved routes in Kent for Europe-bound vehicles over 7.5 tonnes via Eurotunnel or Port of Dover.

Traffic restrictions

When the holding areas are being used:

  • you must stay on the approved routes
  • you must display a permit before going to the ports
  • if using the M20, you must stay on the coastbound carriageway - do not join the coastbound lanes of the London-bound carriageway at Junction 8
  • when using approved ‘A’ roads/dual carriageways, you must stay in the left-hand lane

You will face a £300 fine for each offence. Your vehicle will be immobilised if you cannot pay.


You can use another road or route if:

  • a police officer or traffic officer allows it
  • you are making a local collection or delivery and you can prove this when asked
  • you need to use another road temporarily – for example to refuel your vehicle at a service station – and then return to the approved routes
  • your vehicle is on a local road or property when Brock is activated and you are going directly to the approved routes

Operation Brock permits

Permits will be issued in the holding areas on the M20 between Junctions 8 and 9 and at Manston Airport. You must display the permit when proceeding from the holding area to your port. You may want to place the permit on the left-hand side of your windscreen.

A permit is your evidence that:

  • you have followed the approved route
  • you have the key documents to enable you to continue your journey to Europe - if border readiness checks are active

HGVs approaching the ports without a permit will be stopped, subject to a £300 fine and directed back to the holding areas.

If the M26 holding area is in use, permits will also be issued to drivers on the M26. You will not be allowed into the M20 holding area without an M26 permit.

Border readiness

Border readiness checks will be carried out in the holding areas on the M20, Junctions 8 to 9 and at Manston Airport, if queues are building up due to significant delays at the ports. You will be required to show evidence to prove that you are border ready.

You should not attempt to cross the border without the required documentation. You will need to get these from your trader/exporter before starting your journey. Read further information on the documentation you may need.

If you fail a border readiness check, officers will instruct you to go to Ashford Truck Stop or to remain at Manston Airport where you will get advice on how to get ready to cross the border.

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