HGV Alliance is a neutral online platform for HGV/van/motorcycle couriers and load dispatchers to find and sell loads easily. It is designed to take out the leg work, let the jobs become available to drivers with ease and let the drivers approach the dispatchers with their quotes. We help you trade in real-time, with intelligent load matching, supported by a feedback system that allows you to hear from other members about their experiences.
We are not asking for stupidly high subscription fees for you to be able to find work. We are free for drivers. HGV Alliance is run by a driver that knows exactly what it’s like to work in the industry and we are here to save YOU money. We are here to make your jobs easier as a driver and as a dispatcher. We have developed a system that allows transactions between dispatcher and driver to take place quickly and efficiently, and a system robust enough to meet the demands of this industry.
HGV Alliance feedback is your most valuable tool in determining trustworthiness, as feedback is left by other HGV Alliance users. The feedback is in the form of stars depending on the experience. You can view a transport provider’s and dispatchers feedback score by clicking on their name to view their profile page. This will not only show you their feedback score but you can also view actual comments left by users about the service they received.

HGV and operator licences can be checked at:


If the transport provider claims to be a member of a trade association, look up that association on the web (Google) and the majority will have an online directory. Look up the transport provider there to verify their claims. False claims of membership to a trade association are taken very seriously both by HGV Alliance and the police.

If the transport provider claims to be a limited company, you can check the records at Companies House:


We advise all drivers to carry certifications and documentation with them in order to verify who they are and dispatchers may ask for proof of documentation at any point.

Nothing. We are free to register.
We are free to use. And it costs only 0.99p for dispatchers to post a load onto the system. We have a number of services, e.g. cheaper insurance, fuel cards, cheaper recovery and vehicle hire but we ask for no subscriptions to use these services, they are provided to help you save money and cut costs on expenses that you may already be spending a lot on. That’s it, no more charges.
All you need is access to the Internet from your desktop PC or phone to log-on with your own personal username and password. The system is on the web and can be accessed from any server, you can even save your favourite page as a shortcut to your smartphones home screen. We will be creating an app for IOS and Android soon.
The seller is the load dispatcher with an extra load that needs to be delivered. The buyer is the member or owner driver with spare capacity that can deliver the load on behalf of the seller.
Just input the details of the load you need delivered onto HGV Alliance Post A Load page. The system will input a drop-pin onto the interactive map so drivers can see your load. If a member is interested in your load they will contact you directly to discuss pricing and timings for the booking.
We have an interactive map with drop-pins showing all the available jobs in the UK. You can either zoom in on the map, or use our advanced search which has been linked with the map. You can search by location (making it easier for you to source a job in your end location meaning you don’t need to travel empty) and by vehicle type (narrowing down your search results to loads suitable for your vehicle). You can then contact dispatchers directly from their listing to offer a quote.
You can cancel a job at any time. However, if you cancel the job after it has been accepted then you may be liable for a cancellation fee. This will be between you and the other member you were working with.
No. You set and agree your own rates with the other member ensuring that you can maintain or even improve your margins.
Payment is made by the dispatcher directly to the driver so you must agree on the rate and terms prior to accepting a booking.
You can register with us as either a Dispatcher or as both a Dispatcher and Driver using the Register tab in the main navigation bar at the top of the page. You can also use the following link: http://www.hgvalliance.com/Register
In the main navigation bar at the top the home page you will see a Login tab that is available to users that have already completed the registration process. After logging in to the website, this same button will then switch to a logout button so you can leave your information secure when away from your device. You can also use this link to login to our website: http://www.hgvalliance.com/user/login.
If you have forgotten your password, go to the login page and you will find a reset your password button. Clicking this button will take you to a page where you can input the email address you used to register with us. Our system will then email you to allow you to reset your password to a new one. Then simply log in with your new password.

You can also view our Job Portal Guide Here

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