HGV / LGV Operators

HGV / LGV Operators


Using the HGV Alliance Load Platform can be a very efficient way to optimise your transportation costs and grow your business.

HGV Alliance are here to make delivery of your goods, easier, more affordable, and greener for everyone!

If you need to move something, no matter what size...or a large number of smaller items over a large distance, then HGV Alliance is what you need.


haulage exchange

hgvalliance.com is primarily a neutral online freight exchange platform powered by an advanced computerised system & real time interactive map (RTIM) and gives Transport Providers and Freight Forwarders the chance to sell and find loads easily, in a fair and transparent way, with EPODs, invoicing and private quoting, all from one platform, for only 99p per job advert, and with no subscription / membership fees.

Road haulage is an industry in itself.

If you are an

  • individual truck owner,
  • a larger haulier operating a vast number of lorries,
  • a driver working independently
  • or via agents and freight carriers to move loads that are too big and heavy for vans or other transport vehicles.

Your needs are the same: finding the right load for transport from the last point of unloading.

With operators based all over the world and countless operators in your area, you are sure to find the most cost effective solution with the click of a button. Simply post your required load on our load exchange platform and get quotes from some of the market leaders, offering not only outstanding customer service but peace of mind too.


global haulage

When you register your Haulage Company on our freight exchange system, you open a whole new perspective and increase your chances of being more cost & time-efficient. You are making your own resources available for companies all over the world.

HGV Alliance has a good coverage of hundreds of hauliers, owner operators, transport specialists vehicles waiting for your loads, such as:

  • 7.5T / 18T / 26T / 44T / STGO Cat 1/2/3
  • Box Trailer / Bulker / Car Transport / Curtainside / Flatbed / Refrigerated / Skeleton / Tipper / Tankers / Log Carriers / Livestock Carriers / Recovery / ADR trained operators

supplying the most qualified and capable driving staff in the market.

So, no matter what your specific requirements are, we have you covered.



At the same time, you can benefit from everything that other companies registered on the load exchange platform have to offer. You are connected to a large number of businesses from the same branch, therefore you have the opportunity to create many successful partnerships that you normally wouldn't have access to.

All users can also take advantage of exclusive deals and discounts for HGV/LGV drivers, in our HGV Alliance Hero section or view our list of services, designed to save you money.

HGV Alliance offers hauliers a fast-growing, efficient, secure and comprehensive freight exchange solution. It is designed to take out the leg work, let the jobs become available to transport providers with ease and let the drivers approach the dispatchers with their quotes.

With operators based all over the world and countless operators in your area, you are sure to find the most cost effective solution with the click of a button. Simply post your required load on our platform and get quotes from some of the market leaders offering not only outstanding customer service but peace of mind too.


hgv route planning

We can provide logistical solutions for all your needs, from 7.5 tonne curtainsider loads in the UK, to heavy machinery exports anywhere in the world.

Many destinations can be reached via road haulage and you can ensure cost effective point-to-point transportation.

A very common issue for a lot of companies, especially the ones that specialise in transportation, often have to face dead mileage. Their lorries usually return home empty, costing the company a considerable amount of time and money.

Using the HGV Alliance Load Exchange Platform increases your possibility of turning dead mileage into revenue mileage.

Add your own truck on our freight exchange to optimise costs.

There are many reasons to choose road haulage as a method of delivery, and with us, you can cut out the middle man with minimal fuss.

When freight forwarders, carriers, loaders, disatchers use the HGV Alliance Load Platform, removing “dead mileage” is not the only benefit; optimal transportation of goods also means less waste, so the environment also benefits from the use of the freight exchange system.

Let HGV Alliance freight exchange platform take care of your transport requirements. We provide a professional operation at extremely competitive pricing from owner drivers all over the UK. Our transport operators are constantly operating across the UK, so if you're looking for HGV / LGV services near you, we can get you moving as soon as you like.

When you use HGV Alliance, you'll be able follow each step of the process from posting your load advert to delivery of goods, to ensure your service is as seamless as possible. 


jobs platform

We can provided a cost effective solution in all areas of the HGV logistics market in a fast, effective manner.


  • Full loads
  • Part loads
  • Global delivery
  • Machinery transportation

Searching for suitable offers for your company, whether we're talking about goods to transport or available trucks, is usually time consuming. The traditional way, by making phone calls and sending emails, requesting offers can be replaced with just a few clicks on our load exchange platform.

Use filters to find the best loads for your companies location!

Before you get your goods hauled you should make some preparations to ensure you get yourself the best quote and protect yourself in the unlikely event that your cargo is damaged.


  • Inspecting your delivery pre & post transit is important. It lets you discern whether or not it gets damaged during the journey.
  • Knowing the size and weight of your shipment can help you receive the best quotes.
  • Securing and wrapping your goods will help to make sure they aren’t damaged during transit; it will also help with packing transports tightly. You may want to use pallets to transport a large amount of smaller goods.
  • Ensure that the proper labelling and documentation goes with your delivery, this should usually be carried by the driver and signed off at the point of delivery. Our platform offers an EPOD for your convenience.


Simply register free, add your load to our platform and let us take care of the rest.

When you’re comparing different companies you’ll want to check a couple of key things. You should always check a company's authenticity.

Here are a few things that you should take into consideration and check for yourself before you engage in any transaction:

  • Companies that can provide documents, such as a certificate of registration or a license for transportation have more credibility;
  • Check Companies House. You can get some details about a company for free, including:
    • company information, for example registered address and date of incorporation
    • current and resigned officers
    • document images
    • mortgage charge data
    • previous company names
    • insolvency information
  • Find lorry operators - Search by name, address or licence number for operators of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs);
  • Even if you see the documents and believe they look veridical, you should check the details on an endorsed platform, such as:
    • VIES VAT number validation. Customers VAT Registration Number - The customer VAT registration number (VRN) must be valid for the country you have selected. With every new customer, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) suggest that you check the validity of their VRN. As a preliminary check you can use the EU Commissions website to confirm that the number is valid. To be certain your customer's details are correct HMRC strongly recommend you contact the VAT Helpline on 0300 200 3700. Please note: If you have been advised by HMRC that a customer's VRN is invalid then you must not continue to use it to zero rate supplies to that customer;
  • Transport Providers should always check if the Dispatcher has all the necessary documents for the loads (source of loads, purchase documents);
  • Insurance - Anything that takes up an entire lorry is likely to be valuable, therefore it’s important to check the level of load protection given by the companies. In the case that their cover doesn’t equal the value of your load, you can ask them to increase it for a small cost. You can check this on a users Account Profile Page.
  • Associations - Although there’s no obligation for a haulier to be a member of an association it does provide you with a certain peace of mind that they are a registered member of a recognised body. You can check this on a users Account Profile Page.
  • We have a rating system – companies will most likely have reviews from other users they have interacted with in terms of business. You can use the ratings as further reference for deciding whether or not you want to work with them;

You should always check the credibility of a company that you want to work with by making sure the documents provided are veridical and that your agreement with them clearly stipulates what conditions should be met.

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