Roadside litter: Law change could see vehicle owners fined


A law could be changed to punish people who throw litter out of vehicle windows, putting highway workers' lives at risk.

Welsh councils spend millions of pounds picking litter off the side of roads.

But few people are caught for the crime which local authorities say is impossible to police and dangerous to clean up.

The Welsh Government plans to change the law to fine vehicle owners to make it easier to catch offenders.

Electric lorries and buses 'not the answer' to cutting emissions in York

A flag waved during a climate change protest in York this year Picture: Frank Dwyer

SWITCHING to electric vehicles is not the answer to cutting carbon emissions from buses and lorries in York, a climate change meeting heard.

Bosses from Nestlé, bus operator First Group and City of York Council’s own vehicle fleet were asked about the challenges they face in lowering emissions from transport.

Andrew Griffiths from Nestlé revealed that the confectionery company has cut its greenhouse gas emissions by just over 60 per cent since 2007.