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The Drivers Fund


the drivers fund

The Drivers Fund is a Group for professional drivers and their families.

The Drivers Fund, there for professional drivers when it's most needed.

In light of all the recent tragedies, they are working hard to become a registered charity for professional drivers so they can help not only drivers, but their families too.


The Drivers Fund helps drivers in a multiple of ways:

  • They have helped drivers that have become unable to work
  • They have helped drivers that have had their licences revoked.
  • Drivers who have become injured and received life changing injuries (this will include heart attacks).
  • They could also help drivers whom in the event of an accident, may need help with some personal costs on a short term basis, case dependent.
  • A driver may lose their life in their line of duty. The Drivers Fund could help a family with the funeral costs, if an insurance policy is not in place and there are no personal funds available for this.

Each case will be carefully considered and looked at as an individual case.

For drivers struggling for meals on the road, please join The Drivers Fund Group and chat to Jacky Baker and the gang.

They are working hard to help drivers and families all over the country. If you get stuck out without food, someone will try and get some out to you, they were set up to help drivers in need for a multiple of things, please check them out, even if you just want to rant to other drivers, someone will chip in to help where they can.

If you're not on FB, contact our Heroes through this details below, they have added phone numbers and emails for ease of contact


The Drivers Fund rely on raising awareness, donations, The Drivers Fund Shop and fundraisers to enable them to carry out all of the above.

The monies raised would be distributed to the injured or bereaved to help with costs of living, a funeral or held in a trust fund for children.

They value all of your honest opinions and would greatly appreciate it if you would be willing to help, donate or advise.

The Drivers Fund have a massive task and is run on a voluntary basis. They are willing to put in the work and effort required, as they feel that this is an industry that doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. None of us know when or how we will meet our maker, but they work hard to try and ease the pain for loved ones left behind.

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The Drivers Fund Group


Contact the Drivers Fund:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 07935 707715

You can also find The Drivers Fund Merchandise in their shop

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